Zodiac (2007)

Tonight’s Cinemavino continues our look at all-time Oscar snubs.  For part three, we tackle a David Fincher classic–Zodiac.  It’s engrossing, intelligent true crime epic, centered on the hunt for one of our country’s most famous serial killers.  An all-star cast delivers incredible performances, and Fincher creates an atmosphere of genuine suspense, despite this being based on historical events.  Incredibly, Zodiac received not one Oscar nomination.

For vino, we’re pairing wines that get a bad rap.  Tonight:  Riesling, which is generally dismissed as a sweet white.  That’s not always the case.  The Ravines from New York is a great example.  Be sure and listen in for our tasting notes:

Next up, we discuss one of the great Westerns of all time!

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