Tremors (1990)

This week’s episode is a real labor of love.  Tremors is personal favorite of ours, a cult classic, and a full-on nostalgia trip.  We all loved rewatching and talking about it.  If you’re looking for pure junk food entertainment for Halloween, Tremors might be the absolute cream of the crop.

For this week’s vino, we went with a classic Pinot Noir with the perfect name:  Folly of the Beast.  It just seemed appropriate, as you can see a whale’s tale on the label, and this film was born with the premise of Jaws on Land.  This is a fun, lightweight, cherry-flavored Pinot that will also pair well with the upcoming holiday cuisine.  (In fact, all the wines we’re doing till New Year will be holiday-friendly.  For more wine info, click here.

To bask in my written review of Tremors, head this way.

We hope you enjoy another fine episode of Cinemavino!

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