The Batman (2022)

Hosted by
Todd Wofford

Tonight, Sean and I take a look at one of the biggest releases of the year:  Matt Reeves’ reboot of The Batman.  We have slightly different opinions of the finished product.  This podcast is mostly spoiler-free, but the last few minutes *might* contain a few mild plot hints.  Don’t worry–we’ll give you a heads up before we spoil anything.

Also, March kicks off our series of all-time biggest Oscar snubs.  We’ll pair these movies with wines that, for whatever reason, get a bad rap.  This starts with Merlot, which has garnered an unfair reputation as a soft red.  That’s total BS, and we’ll tell you why in the podcast.  For this episode, we enjoy the Merlot from L’Ecole Winery, out of Washington State.  It’s a classic example of the grape:  Full-bodied, oaky, dry, and built to last.

Now, enjoy another fine episode of Cinemavino!  

To read my review of The Batman, click right here! 

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