White Wine

Major League (Gewürztraminer)

It’s the fifth inning of our baseball series!  This week, we tackle an 80s raunch comedy:  Major League.  It has an all-star cast, including many actors at the beginning of long careers.  We’ll pair this minor classic with some refreshing Gewürztraminer. (Pronounce it: Guh-VERZ-truh-meen-er.  Or: Guh-VERZ-tram-un-er. To read my full review of the film, click…

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The Sandlot (Müller-Thurgau)

It’s the third installment of our baseball series, and we’re dusting off a 90s classic:  The Sandlot.  This one has major nostalgia vibes for all of us, and for sheer fun factor, it holds up really well.  As for wine, we drink a delicious Müller-Thurgau from Oregon. (A note:  If you want to impress your…

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Too Many Captains on This Island (Favorite Movies)

For this episode, Travis and I drink the wine that made us love wine and discuss the movies that made us love movies.  This week’s vino is a Cabernet from Requiem Winery, located in Washington’s beautiful Columbia Valley.  Kick back and enjoy some of our favorite movies! *It turns out “De-Lovely” is Cole Porter and…

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