Pinot Noir

Movie Mailbag Monday: August 22nd, 2022

For this Mailbag mini, we talk about the movies we’ve covered that have surprised us, in good ways and bad.  Our answers may shock you!  Also, we enjoy some delicious Oregon Pinot Noir and some French Côtes du Rhône.  Both rank amongst my favorite wine regions. Next up:  Our time travel series wraps up with…

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Con Air (1997)

This week’s Cinemavino takes us back to one of the all-time guilty pleasure movies.  That’s right, gang–it’s Con Air!  With this magnificently strange action flick, you get the souped-up action and political incorrectness of the 80s, melded with the upgraded production skills of the 90s.  Plus, it’s also a good chance to check out Nicolas Cage with…

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