Jeremy Renner

Hawkeye (2021) *spoilers

Hawkeye, Marvel’s latest series on Disney+, was a surprisingly strong take on the Avengers’ weakest link.  Too often, heavy-hitters like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America take center-stage, while Clint Barton ends up as a supporting player.  This series finally fills a few key elements of the Hawkeye backstory, while also adding some important new…

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The Bourne Legacy (2011)

Welcome back to another fine episode of Cinemavino!  This week, it’s our penultimate look at summer sequels.  Sadly, this season is winding down, and so is our talk about part twos.  The Bourne Legacy is an interesting blockbuster:  It’s the fourth installment in the franchise, but series star Matt Damon opted not to appear.  Well, much…

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