Episode 4

House of the Dragon, Episode 4 *spoilers*

House of the Dragon approaches the midway of its first season with its fourth episode, “King of the Narrow Sea.”  This is a recap and review, so spoilers abound!  Proceed with caution.

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Obi Wan Kenobi, Episode 4 (*spoilers*)

On this mini-episode, we take a look at episode 4 of Obi Wan Kenobi, now on Disney+.  This is a review and recap, so *spoilers abound*.  To go with our main series on wedding films, we drink a couple of wines that have played a big part in my own marriage, including a Spanish bubbly our honeymoon….

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The Mandalorian (Episode 4) *spoilers

New Cinemavino is live!  This week, The Mandalorian delivered what many are calling a “filler episode.”  As the midpoint episode, it really didn’t do a whole lot to move the plot forward.  Hopefully the series will regain a little momentum with next week’s episode.  As a whole, The Mandalorian is a great-looking series and still has a lot to offer….

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