The Green Knight

For this week’s Cinemavino, we have another mini-episode, this time focusing on the critically-acclaimed The Green Knight.  A sharp, cerebral look at the medieval poem, Knight shows the emotional struggle of Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), as he marches to a showdown the mythical Green Knight. An impressive cinematic work, The Green Knight features the intimate, meticulous drama of a indie…

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El Camino (Brut Rosé)

Everyone’s talking about El Camino, the long-awaited epilogue to the landmark series Breaking Bad.  It’s provoking a variety of opinions:  Many loved it, while others were frustrated.  Our thoughts cover that spectrum.  For this episode, we talk El Camino, and drink some delicious bubbly from New Mexico. You can learn more about the Brut Rosé here:

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Watershed Down (Cava)

For good behavior, my fifth grade class was awarded with a monthly movie.  Somewhere in there, Watership Down made the cut.  It’s a weird, whacked-out animated film that crawled into my nightmares for several weeks after.  As a…ahem..children’s movie, this sum’bitch tackles some heavy subjects:  Death, forced labor, extinction, deforestation, etc.  Bunnies are ripping each other’s…

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