The Terminator (California Rosé)

Episode 2 of our look at time travel flicks is an action-packed classic:  The Terminator!  Originally, I had planned bold, age-worthy wines for these films, but the temperature where we are is over 100 degrees!  As a result, we’re gonna do chillable summertime vinos for the foreseeable future.  For this installment, we enjoy a dry,…

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The Princess Bride (Pinot Noir Rosé)

Our final wedding episode takes us to an all-time 80s classic:  The Princess Bride.  Director Rob Reiner and writer William Goldman team up with a top-notch cast to deliver a loving spoof of beloved fantasy tales.  Ironically, this became a beloved fantasy tale in its own right. Loaded with famous quotes, hilarious performances, and wonderful…

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Major League (Gewürztraminer)

It’s the fifth inning of our baseball series!  This week, we tackle an 80s raunch comedy:  Major League.  It has an all-star cast, including many actors at the beginning of long careers.  We’ll pair this minor classic with some refreshing Gewürztraminer. (Pronounce it: Guh-VERZ-truh-meen-er.  Or: Guh-VERZ-tram-un-er. To read my full review of the film, click…

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