Superman (1978)

For this week’s Cinemavino, it’s the last episode of our Host’s Choice series.  The four of us have each picked a favorite movie to screen, and this time it’s Travis’ turn.  (A great drinking game could be played for every time we call him “Trav,” and he angrily corrects us.)

Travis is a lifelong comic book fan, with Superman occupying a special place within that love.  Here he is as a wee tyke, dutifully wearing his underwear outside of his pants:

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense for us to screen Superman.  It’s the first big-budget superhero flick, and it’s also one of the all-time best. Christopher Reeve kills it as the Man of Steel, thus redefining the character for all time.

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As for the vino, Trav has a soft spot for poundable reds.  He was downing box wines long before they were considered cool.  And he was definitely on to something:  Box wines are more economical, they keep longer, and you can take ’em places where glass ain’t allowed.

On this night, we enjoyed La Nevera, an easy-drinking Spanish red.  It’s fun, light-bodied, with strong fruit flavors and a smooth finish–perfect for relaxing to an all-time classic movie.  As a bonus, it retails for around $20/box, making it just about as affordable as it gets.

So, kick back and enjoy another fine outing of Cinemavino!


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