Shang-Chi (*spoilers)

Shang-Chi opened to huge box office this past weekend, second only to Black Widow for 2021 debuts.  In a gamble, Disney bypassed their streaming service and released the film exclusively to theaters.  Based on the returns, the move appears to have paid off.  That means there’s a good chance future Disney properties will follow a similar route.

Hopefully quite a few of you guys have seen Shang-Chi, and also enjoyed our spoiler-free podcast as well.  Now, that the movie has been out for a few days, those who have seen the film can listen to our in-depth analysis.  We also talk about the implications for the MCU as a whole.  Another topic on the docket:  The time in fifth grade I was tasked to read the Pledge of Allegiance to the entire student body…and failed miserably.  My life has never quite been the same.

Anyway, to read my written review, click here.

For wine, we opted for a Spanish Verdejo, Friend and Farmer.  We’re based in Oklahoma, where the temperature is currently hotter than the bubbling lava in hell.  This crisp, floral, lightly fruity (think pears and honeydew) white wine is perfect for summertime.  It’s also a great pair with spicy Asian cuisine or Mexican food.  Plus, Friend and Farmer runs between $10-15, so that’s a nice bonus.  For more info, head this way.

So, pop a bottle and enjoy another great episode of Cinemavino.

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