Rounders (1998)

Tonight’s episode of Cinemavino continues our series on the best films to be completely snubbed by the Oscars.  Rounders survived so-so reviews and box office to endure as an all-time cult classic.  At the very least, John Malkovich should’ve snagged a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  His work here is scene stealing and tremendous.

To pair with this topic, we’re drinking wines that’ve also never received a fair shake.  Chardonnay certainly fits that bill.  Most people think of the big California oak and butter bombs, but there are plenty chards from other regions with a completely different flavor profile.

We try one from Washington’s Columbia Valley, and a classic from Burgundy:  The chard from Revelry, and the Macon Villages from Louis Jabot, which range from $18 to $25, respectively.  Be sure and listen in for our tasting notes!

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Next week, tune in for one of the most underrated true crime movies ever made!

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