Palm Springs (Cabernet)

Part four of our wedding series brings us to a recent classic.  On the surface, Palm Springs might sound a bit too much like Groundhog Day.  But dig a little deeper, and this is a much darker and philosophical counterpart.  In a brief synopsis, a young woman (Cristin Milioti) attends her sister’s wedding, where she meets a kooky, cocky stranger (Andy Samberg).  They vanish into the Palm Springs desert for a little nookie, where she is unknowingly pulled into a mysterious, magical cave.  Afterwards, she finds herself stuck in a loop of this exact day, with this nihilistic goofball as her only true companion.

Palm Springs is one of my recent favorites, and I loved discussing it with the guys.  Along the way, we downed some outstanding Cabernet from Trapiche Winery, out of Argentina.  It’s a rich, full-bodied red that clocks in around $10, perfect for any wedding reception.

Next–our wedding bonanza concludes with an 80s masterpiece you might not expect!

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