Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) *spoilers

Welcome to a very special episode of Cinemavino!  We’re all huge Ghostbusters fans, so we were eager to take a look at the latest sequel, Afterlife.  Everybody enjoyed it, to varying degrees.  In my personal opinion, it’s probably the best Part III they could’ve possibly put together.

My review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife is right here.  

This one’s exclusively in theaters, but it will undoubtedly appear somewhere for streaming, probably early in 2022.  As always, this is a judgment call, based on your own personal Covid anxiety and vaccination status.

Also, spoilers will abound.  If you love Ghostbusters and feel strongly about seeing it, head to a theater and then get back in here.

As for vino, we went for a classic:  The Decoy from Duckhorn. It’s the quintessential California Cabernet.  Bold, elegant, and durable for aging.  Plus, it’s usually in the $20-30 range, which makes it nice and affordable.

Next week, it’s another double feature, as we take a look at Peter Jackson’s epic documentary, The Beatles: Get Back.  I’m a fanatic, so this will be an early Christmas for me.  I know Taylor’s right there with me, so this will be a must-listen for Beatles fans.  Also, we’ll kick off Christmas with a new look at Hook.

In the meantime, kick back enjoy another hilarious episode of Cinemavino!

Our podcast for Ghostbusters II is right here.

Let us know what you think!