Mini-Trailer Breakdown (Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Far from Home)

This week’s mini-sode provides a little analysis and backstory for a couple of upcoming trailers: Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home.  As someone who didn’t know a whole lot about Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, I found Travis’ nerd-bomb of information to be quite helpful.

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Too Many Captains on This Island (Favorite Movies)

For this episode, Travis and I drink the wine that made us love wine and discuss the movies that...

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Artisanal Cottage Cheese (Second Movies)

For this week’s episode, my good friend Taylor Owens comes aboard as we discuss our favorite “second movies.”  These...

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The Stanley Tucci Chronicles (Valentine’s Day Movies)

It’s another week, another treat as Taylor Owens joins us for a Very Special Episode of Cinemavino.  For this...

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Bruce Willis Needs a Breath Mint (Underrated Actors)

For this episode, Travis, Taylor, and I discuss a few underrated movies and actors, whilst enjoying a little underrated...

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Anyway, Roma was Really Good (Oscar Picks, 2018)

I‘ve always thought the Oscars are more fun to talk about than they are to watch.  Like sports awards,...

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