Dune (2021) *spoilers

This week’s “mini” episode of Cinemavino is more like a full-length one.  After all, Dune is a complex film that tackles half of a beloved sci-fi novel.  Frank Herbert’s magnum opus has been labeled as “unfilmable,” and after two previous debacles, it’s easy to see why.  His work is loaded with plot, subtext, and hundreds of characters.  There’s just no way a mini-episode could cover it all.

Sean is a huge Dune fan, thus making the release of this new version a really big deal.  As for me, I haven’t read any of the source novels, and don’t completely grasp a lot of Herbert’s expansive mythology. With that said, I did appreciate the film on a purely cinematic level:  In terms of technical skill and sheer ambition, this Dune is amazing to watch.  It’s also well-acted, and the screenwriters streamlined the story enough to where a noob like me can follow it.

Well, mostly: There were a few moments where I felt lost, as if there were crucial plot details that had been skimmed or trimmed.  They didn’t ruin the experience for me, but–much like landing the F-14 in the Nintendo version of Top Gun–I needed a little help.

Thank God for Sean.  For this episode, we discuss our Dune feelings, and he helps snap a few missing pieces into puzzle.  Some people were left a little confused by this film, while others loved it to max.  No matter which camp you fall into, this podcast has your name written all over it.

I’ll go ahead and reiterate:  SPOILERS WILL ABOUND.  We discuss major plot points, with Sean serving as a knowledgeable tour guide.  Dune is available on HBOMax, and in IMAX theaters.  So, get to screening, and head back here.

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Next, we’ll tackle one last Halloween classic, before settling in for a fun holiday run.  Enjoy!

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