Con Air (1997)

This week’s Cinemavino takes us back to one of the all-time guilty pleasure movies.  That’s right, gang–it’s Con Air!  With this magnificently strange action flick, you get the souped-up action and political incorrectness of the 80s, melded with the upgraded production skills of the 90s.  Plus, it’s also a good chance to check out Nicolas Cage with gorgeous, flowing Allman Brothers hair.

Con Air represents Taylor’s pick, and it embodies some of his favorite action traits:  Over the top stunts, cheesy one liners, and very broad performances.  This film fits neatly beside some of his other favorites, including Die Hard, Congo, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Also, you’ll notice on our Cinemavino poster, Taylor is dressed as John McClane.

In contrast, Taylor’s favorite wine is Pinot Noir, one of the most subtle grapes.  For this episode, we opted for a classic offering from the Burgundy region of France.  By law, any red from Burgundy must be Pinot Noir, and the Vignerons de Monts exemplifies the best of this area:  It’s zesty, brightly fruity Pinot–easy-drinking and smooth all the way through.  The holidays aren’t too far away, and this is the perfect pair with the typical fare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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Now, kick back and enjoy a very entertaining episode of Cinemavino!

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