As Good as It Gets (1997)

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Todd Wofford

With this episode, we kick off our Valentine’s Month of date movies.  As Good as It Gets is an odd hybrid of rom-com, character study, and conventional drama that examines a few themes that were (for 1997) ahead of their time.  Jack Nicholson’s character is anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted, and…well, every other terrible word you can summon.  Writer-director James L. Brooks takes an unflinching look at his protagonist’s terrible views, thus inviting real conversation about these issues.  Some of this film holds up; a lot of it doesn’t.

All this month, we’re gonna drink some bubbly.  Two bottles will be affordable, while the other two will be splurge-worthy.  We’ll kick off with the former category:

The Brut Rosé from Gérard Betrand retails for around $20, but it tastes more expensive.  Dry, lean, and lightly fruity, this blush bubbly is a perfect, easy-drinking date night wine.  It won’t overwhelm desert, but you could also serve it for pre-dinner drinks.  If you’re looking something fun and festive, but not bonkers expensive, this bottle is a great way to go.

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For my written review of As Good as It Gets, head this way.  

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