Aliens (1986)

Hey everyone!  This week’s Cinemavino continues our Halloween series, and we’re looking back at a genuine classic.  Aliens actually hits on several of our recent themes:  It’s a great sequel, a great horror flick, and a personal favorite of mine.

Aliens is also a rarity in cinema history, as it completely shakes up the formula that made its predecessor every bit as iconic.  Alien was a combination of Jaws and Lifeboat in space.  Ridley Scott created an intensely claustrophobic experience.  With this second film, the producers hired James Cameron, a totally different director.  Unsurprisingly, Cameron brings his own aesthetic, replete with big guns, brawny action scenes, and more ambitious monster effects.  Even better, he soups up Ellen Ripley into an all-around badass, thus making her a pioneer in the genre.

For our vino, we decided to Dr. Konstantin Frank’s semi-dry Riesling.  It’s a refreshing white, loaded with rich melon flavors and mouth-coating acidity. As the Xenomorphs have acid for blood, this seems like the perfect pair.  Plus, like all of our wines for October and November, it’s a great match for the holidays.

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Also, to read my written review, head this way!  Next week, an 80s horror-comedy classic.  Meantime, kick back and enjoy another fine episode of Cinemavino!


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